Urocid - Anti Gout for Poultry

It is a time tested combination for gout in poultry. Metabolic waste of protein digestion in birds results in uric acid and urate salts. Because of low level of urination in birds, uric acid passes out of kidneys as urate crystals which if accumulated in body leads to gout.This product is also useful in Acidifies urine in Poultry..

  • Acidifies urine, helps dissolve kidney stones, preserves function of renal mass of affected area.
  • Prevents urinary deposit and haemorrhages in renal micro lesions thereby preventing visceral or articular gout.
  • Treats renal inflammation caused by toxins, chemo therapeutics, IB disease.
  • It prevents digestive abnormalities
  • Destresses the birds by helping in normal kidney function.

Usage & Administration

  • Regular Use:5-10ml in 10 liter of water
  • Mild Infection:1-2ml/7kg of birds weight
  • Severe Infection:1-2ml/5kg of bird weight
  • Chicks:1ml/20chicks
  • or as directed by veterinarian consultant

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