A feed additive to increase egg production.

Standard formula of ovimin contains multivitamins, minerals, yeast culture, ovary stimulating herbs with added advantage of chromium for stimulating the ovaries in egg production.

1. Increases and optimizes egg production in layers and breeders.
2. Improves the reproduction cycle by stimulating the ovaries and enhancing ovulation.
3. Improves the quality of eggs by increasing the albumen content and egg yolk color due to chelated minerals complex, zinc & selenium.
4. Improves the egg shell quality.
5. The immuno modulators in ovimin help to improve the immune system by decreasing the cholesterol level in the birds.
6. Reduces production stress due to yeast complex.
7. Improves the hatchability and fertility in the breeder flocks.
8. Improves the digestion and absorption of feed nutrients.
9. Maintains production peaks for a longer period.

Use And Administration

  • 17th Week till 25 Week-500gm/ton of feed
  • 26th Week till 38th Week-500gm/ton of feed
  • 39th Week onwards-350gm to 500gm/ton of feed
  • Breeders:During the entire laying-period of the breeders:750gm-1kg/ton of feed
Egg Production Enhancer,Poultry Feed Additives
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