Anphytase - Phytase Enzyme

A heat tolerant phytase enzyme to set free organic phosphorous in feed for better phosphorous absorption.Phytase is a powerful intestinal enzyme that breaks down phytates in feed.


  • Decreases requirement of inorganic phosphorus in feed, thus reducing feed cost.
  • Anphytase posses side activity of cellulose, xylanase and b-gluconase.
  • It is heat tolerant and can withstand pelleting temperatures with high recovery rates.
  • Improves calcium and phosphorus absorption.
  • Increases digestibility of amino acids, proteins & carbohydrates in feed.
  • Helps replace DCP with low cost ingredients.
  • Or as directed by veterinarian consultant.

      Usages & Administration
    • 150-200gm/ton of feed
    • or as directed by Veterinarian/Consultant

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