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An ideal toxin binder containing organic acids, probiotics, prebiotics, HSCAS, activated bamboo charcoal with added advantage of liver stimulants. MOS and Bacillus Subtilis bind the pathogens in the gut, thereby reducing the colonies to maintain a healthy G.I tract. These also improve immune system and reduce stress. Non toxic organic acids are excellent toxin binders in feed and keep up to desired level. HSCAS improves the performance of internal organs, G.I & biochemical parameters of the animal by toxin binding. Charcoal powder absorbs toxins from water born organisms or toxins from feed, In layers increases laying rate and period and weight of eggs.In broilers it improves the survival rate. Liver stimulants enhance and improve the liver function during toxicity. This product is also known as toxin binder,Poultry Toxins, Sanitizing feed
  • Binds toxins in the feed and not the vitamins and minerals.
  • Provides a broad spectrum mould inhibition activity.
  • Control the excess moisture in the finished feed.
  • Does not interfere with other feed additives.
  • Improves the liver function.
  • Prevents the multiplication of pathogens in the gut.
  • Helps to improve the growth and production.
Usage & Administration
  • Regular Use:-500gm-1kg/ton feed
  • Treatment:2kg/ton feed
or advised by a veterinarian
Toxin Binder poultry,Poultry Feed Additives


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Anfatox-Toxin Binder For livestock