Aqua Growup

Now, mineral elements in "Aquqgrow up " are important in many aspects of fish and shrimp metabolism.It provide strength and rigidity to bones in fish and the exoskeleton of crustaceans. It is also involves breaking down and oxidizing food molecules,that is directly related to transport energy.


  • Prevents vitamin & mineral deficiency.
  • Gives quick relief from the stress caused due to - Transportion/shifting, Climatic disturbances & other stress factors.
  • Reduce mortality ratio.
  • Aids in maintaining immunity.
  • Enhances body weights & growth.
  • Helps to give better FCR.


Usages & Administration

  • 10-20 Gm per Kg of feed.
  • or directed by Veterinarian Consultant

Aqua probiotics,Fish Probiotics