Anfaplex Liquid-B.Complex for General Health & Weight Gain

It a general B.Complex tonic with added advantages of Choline Chloride,L-Lysine,DL-Methionine & Folic Acid for Better Result in growth and production

  • Effective prevention against perosis muscular dystrophy.
  • Increases general health & disease resistance.
  • Ensures relief from all kinds of stress.
  • Enhances body weights and Growth
  • Improves the fertility
Usage & Administration
  • Calves:20-30ml day
  • Sheep & Goats:5-8ml/Day
  • or as directed by Veterinarian/Consultant

Dairy goat supplements,goat health care,goat health tonic
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Anfacale- Calcium Tonic

Dairy goat supplements,goat health tonic